CSmag Magnetic lifter can lift steel without electricity

CSmag Magnetic lifter is made of neodymium magnet, can lift tons of steel without electricity.
A magnet can attract both steel and iron.  After technological progress, we know that there is a strongest magnet called Neodymium magnet .

 The material Neodymium magnet(NdFeB), the most commonly used rare earth magnet, and it is also the permanent magnet with magnetism second only to absolute zero holmium magnet. Usually, the NdFeB we use is made of rare earth materials. In addition, it is necessary to do protective treatment on the surface of permanent magnet materials, such as electroplating gold, nickel, zinc, tin, etc., or spraying epoxy resin on the surface to avoid corrosion.

  The CSmag Magnetic lifter is composed of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnetic materials. The magnetic force of the system is changed by the rotation of the handle to achieve the holding and releasing of the work piece. The upper part of the crane is provided with lifting rings for lifting objects, and the lower part is provided with a V-shaped groove for holding the corresponding cylindrical objects. The high performance permanent magnet material used in the permanent magnet crane is: rare earth permanent magnet neodymium iron boron as the magnetic source, which has the characteristics of no power consumption, strong suction, low residual magnetism, light operation, long service life, safety and reliability.

CSmag Magnetic lifter widely used in mechanical industry, mold manufacturing, warehouse and transportation departments to transport steel plate, ingot and other magnetic objects.

CSmag Magnetic lifter can lift flat steel material, load capacity from 100kg to 2000kg,material thickness from 20 to 55mm. and lift round steel material, load capacity from 50kg to 1000kg,material diameter from 300 to 600mm.

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